Publications (Full List)

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  2. Efficacy and Safety of rosuvastatin 40 mg vs atorvastatin 80 mg in high-risk patients with hypercholesterolemia: Results of the POLARIS study. Lawrence A Leiter, Robert S Rosenson, Evan Stein, John PD Reckless, Karl-Ludwig Schulte, Margo Schleman, Paul Miller, Michael Palmer and Froukje Sosef. Atherosclerosis (2007) article in press.
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  4. Comparison of the Efficacy and Safety of rosuvastatin 10 mg and atorvastatin 20 mg in high-risk patients with hypercholesterolemia- Prospective study to evaluate the Use of Low doses of the Statins Atorvastatin and Rosuvastatin (PULSAR). Michael B Clearfield, John Amerena, Jean-Pierre Bassand, Hugo R Hernandez-Garcia, Sam S Miller, Froukje FM Sosef, Michael K Palmer, and Brian S Bryzinski. Trials, 7: 35, 2006.
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